Joy – Essential Oil Blend


Supports a positive inner experience, providing space for inner peace, contentment, and happiness.

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This essential oil blend is a companion for emotional healing when working with excessive joy, overexcitement, desire and craving.

It can help support a positive inner experience, providing space for inner peace, contentment, and happiness.

When emotional energy is balanced and harmonised, this raises the vibratory rate of the physical body as it begins to radiate outward and upward through the energetic and spiritual fields. This creates a window of opportunity for our virtues to shine forth and become guided by innate wisdom, compassion, patience, courage and contentment.

100% Natural Essential Oils

All of our formulations are a unique custom blend made from the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

They have been specifically formulated to maximise the remedial properties that encompass the spirit of Eastern medicine and traditional healing.


Spikenard, Neroli, Lemon Verbana, Fennel, Cinnamon Bark, infused into Organic Safflower Oil.

Size: 5ml

Spikenard: Clears Heart fire such tachycardia, insomnia, anxiety, etc. Subdues Liver wind. Calming and grounding, helps with mental hyperactivity.

Neroli: Treats Heart fire and severe trauma and shock to the Heart. Soothes and relaxes muscles and hyperactive Wei Qi, Tonifies the Spleen. Uplifting, relaxing, harmonising.

Lemon Verbena: Top note (blend lift, movement, clarity) which works with Heart and Liver fire. Raises the clear Yang and strengthens the Shen. Awakening, clarifying, uplifting.

Fennel: Unfreezes Yang Qi to restore balance, nourishes Heart/Kidney communication. Regulating, uplifting, stimulating.

Cinnamon Bark: Opens Ming Men, strengthens Heart/Kidney Yang. Warming, stimulating, vitalising.

Safflower Oil: As a carrier oil, is associated with the Heart and Liver meridians. It invigorates the blood, opens the channels, releases stagnation, and promotes circulation.

1-2 drops applied to an acupoint sequence, or gentle inhalation.

Before using a new essential oil, it is advisable to perform a skin patch test. If irritation develops, discontinue use. 

Keep out of reach of children. 

Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas.

Like many essential oils, if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, please consult your practitioner before using this product.