Five Element BioEnergetics IV: Pathways of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians


Learn how to work with the extraordinary meridians in clinical practice for a deeper level of integration between biology, psychology, and spirituality. Pre-requisite: Five Element BioEnergetics
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Five Element BioEnergetics IV: Pathways of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

The Eight Extraordinary Meridians represent the body’s deepest level of energetic structuring.

They function as deep reservoirs from which the twelve main meridians can be replenished.

The primary channels are the rivers, the extraordinary vessels are the lakes.

They store, distribute, and regulate vital substances, especially Jing (essence) and Yuan (source) qi throughout the entire body.

The extraordinary meridians have often been used for various Daoist spiritual practices, meditations, and qigong, for their ability to effect deeper, transcendent healing within the body.

These meridians develop very early on during the embryonic phase and are carriers of ancestral energy which corresponds to our DNA matrix or genetic inheritance.

This is the life code that drives our development.

The Chinese words for the eight extraordinary meridians (Qi Jing Ba Mai 奇經八脈) describe their character most succinctly.

Qi is an energy that is likened to an ‘a-ha’ – a flash of enlightened understanding.

Jing penetrates our ancestral roots, and makes up our DNA matrix; it is the precious essence of life.

Ba means ‘eight’.

Mai symbolizes the movement in the meridians.

This unique course journeys through the extraordinary meridians and their clinical use in the kinesiology environment. This includes techniques to release old traumas, enhance vitality, and tools for promoting health and longevity.

You will gain strong foundation from both classroom instruction and practical application, along with being able to confidently apply the course material immediately in your own clinic.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the Eight Extraordinary Meridians at their deepest level, including theory, pathways, traditional functions, as well as psycho-emotional, spiritual, alchemical, and inner meditative aspects.
  • How to use these meridians in clinical practice to develop an appropriate treatment plan.
  • The Eight Extraordinary Meridians unique connection to human development and human life cycles. These cycles and transformations present with physical conditions, and also include emotional, psychological and spiritual changes.
  • Enhanced sensitivity to subtle energies and techniques that will allow you to discover the nature and use of acupoints, medicinals, flower essences, and essential oils through your own intuition and vision.
  • Detailed kinesiology ‘pathway planners’ for easy reference to the most common clinically relevant biochemical and energetic pathways.
  • You will also receive real world examples of ‘treatment organisation’ and advanced pathways for your setup and corrections for even greater practice success.

Kinesiology Techniques & Protocols

  • Eight Extraordinary Meridians (Finger Mode & Protocols) for how to apply advanced clinical acupressure corrections through a deeper understanding of energetic pathways, traditional functions, as well as psycho-emotional, spiritual, and alchemical aspects.
  • BioEnergetics (Finger Mode & Protocols) provides information and access to acupoints that have effects on specific structures and functions. These include cardinal points, influential points, command points, Hua Tuo Jiaji Points, Back-Shu (Association), Yuan (Source) points.
  • Acupressure Formatting for the ZangFu (Yin & Yang Organs) and Curious Organs (brain, marrow, bones, blood vessels, gallbladder and uterus).
  • Advanced Entry-Exit Blocks (Finger Mode & Protocols) arise when the Qi is not flowing freely from one meridian to the next. Each of the E/E blocks has its own characteristics which emanate from and contribute to unbalanced function of the extraordinary and 12 primary meridians. It is often necessary to prioritise clearing an E/E block before treatment so that the correction at the constitutional or symptomatic level will ‘hold’.
  • Releasing Energetic Imprints (Finger Mode & Protocols) the Seven Po reflect the seven stages of life.  As we move from one stage or cycle to another we ‘release’ the old Po when the new Po arrives for the next stage of development. When we are stuck in a cycle or are resistant to change, the Eight Extraordinary Merdians provide an opportunity to release and understand the stagnation or blockage.

Take your Clinical Practice to the Next Level

This essential course combines theoretical exploration, practical hands-on skill development, relevant background readings and clinical case studies, along with being supported by an ongoing vibrant online group learning community.

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Time: 9am – 4pm
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TBA as ‘Category B’ study with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). A certificate of proficiency is awarded on successful completion of the course assessments (practical, case studies, multiple choice and short answer exam).

At present the course requires you attend the scheduled 2-day program.

Yes. In addition to the practical assessment (part of day 1 & 2) there is also 5 case studies, multiple choice and short answer assessments (open book) to be competed. A 75% pass mark required for all assessments to be deemed competent and awarded certification.

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