Five Element BioEnergetics III: Emotional Pathways


Develop your skills in the clinical application of Qi Qing 七情 (Seven Emotions) and discover how acupressure can be used to resolve emotional difficulties and bring us to a place of harmony, health and resilience.

Pre-requisite: Five Element BioEnergetics

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Five Element BioEnergetics III: Emotional Pathways

In Chinese medicine, emotions and physical health are intimately connected.

Emotions are a form of energy, shifting in response to the movements of the mind. These fluid waves of information sit between the realms of Shen and Qi.

When we find the centre point within these vibrational frequencies we balance the flow of energy in the body and optimise our potential for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

The synergy between the physical body, emotions, thoughts, energy, and consciousness all create a harmony that can be fine tuned and balanced through the Five Elements.

When emotional energy is balanced and harmonised, this raises the vibratory rate of the physical body as it begins to radiate outward and upward through the energetic and spiritual fields.  This creates a window of opportunity for our virtues to shine forth and become guided by innate wisdom, compassion, patience, courage and contentment.

In this course, you will learn powerful techniques that highlight the unique connection between Qi and emotion regulation. This includes the emotional associations of key acupoint sequences, exploring their names, functions, and practical healing use in the kinesiology environment.

You will gain strong foundation from both classroom instruction and practical application, along with being able to confidently apply the course material immediately in your own clinic.

What you will learn:

  • A powerful kinesiology modality that uses clinical acupressure to harmonise the flow of energy in the body and optimise our potential for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • How emotional imbalances and trauma can upset the harmony of the body and reduce the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself.
  • Understanding the Law of the Five Elements at its deepest level, including the emotional pathways of the muscle-organ/glands associated with the primary meridians.
  • An understanding of how Classical Chinese medicine allies the potency of essential oils with specific acupoints to create profound shifts in the body, mind and spirit.
  • Theory and application of the latest scientific models and understanding of the human brain, thought and behaviour and why the emotional body of Western and Chinese Medicine are different.

Kinesiology Techniques & Protocols

  • BioEnergetic Pathways of Emotions (Protocol) including harmonising sequences to re-pattern blocked energy to balance a wide range of emotional, mental and physical imbalances, based on ancient, modern and innovative application.
  • Balancing the Middle Dantian (Protocol) many emotional problems are due to stagnation of Qi in the abdomen and chest.  This is where the Mind and our Qi interact with one another. Moving these stagnations can help with many of the challenges we see in clinic today.  This protocol works by opening the chest and abdominal breathing, unwinding energetic blockages and emotional and physiological knots, to help harmonise and restore the flow of energy.
  • Windows of the Sky (Acupoints) can be used to balance the body when the Qi and Blood (or Yin/Yang) of the head and body miscommunicate. Symptomatology includes things such as mental/emotional issues (most things related to the Sky or Heaven deal with the Mind). The name of ‘Sky’ or ‘Heaven’ denotes the connection that these points are suggested to have with the Mind and the term ‘window’ implies that they open the Mind.
  • Acupressure Formatting for the ZangFu (Yin & Yang Organs) and key brain areas involved in emotional balance.
  • Advanced Entry-Exit Blocks (Protocol) and how to apply the ‘plum blossom’ technique which allows an outlet for suppressed emotional energy.  This can help release body-mind armouring, and provide relief from emotional imbalances.

Take your Clinical Practice to the Next Level

This two-day interactive course effectively prepares you to balance some of the most common complaints and aliments we see in clinic today, helping your clients become more emotionally resilient, along with developing a calmer, happier mindset.

Accreditation: 29 hours Category B with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

Date: TBA 2021
Time: 9am – 4pm
Venue Address:
 McCrae VIC 3938
Course Instructor: Damian Brown

After enrolment you will be given access to the online pre-course modules.

This allows you to prepare for the course in an online setting, independently and at your own pace. The pre-coursework is designed to allow for more practical time and focus on kinesiology techniques, along with supporting what is taught over the 2 day course.

Is the course accredited?

Yes. Five Element BioEnergetics III is accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association for 29 hours of ‘Category B’ study. A certificate of proficiency is awarded on successful completion of the course assessments (practical, case studies, multiple choice and short answer exam).

Can the course be taken online?

At present the course requires you attend the scheduled 2-day program.

Does the course have pre-requsities?

Yes. Five Element BioEnergetics is a pre-requisite for this course.

Does the course have assessments?

Yes. In addition to the practical assessment (part of day 1 & 2) there is also 5 case studies, multiple choice and short answer assessments (open book) to be competed. A 75% pass mark required for all assessments to be deemed competent and awarded certification.

What method of payment do you accept?

The preferred method of enrolment and payment is via the secure online registration process. Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard and bank deposit. When paying via bank deposit you will be emailed an invoice for which full payment is required to secure your place in the selected course.

What are the enrolment T&C?

All cancellations and request for refunds must be made in writing. In the event of a cancellation a refund is given on balance of payment as follows: More than 21 days cancellation notice, full refund less $150 administration fee; Less than 21 days notice, no refund.