Blue Lotus – Alchemy Blend


Calming, unifying, with a soft euphoria.


Product Description

Blue Lotus is one of the most pleasant and tranquil essential oils to work with.

It supports spiritual connection, elevated consciousness, and has been treasured since the time of the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of sensuality and spirituality.

The aromatic notes of this blend are quite unique – calming, unifying, with a soft euphoria.

Blue Lotus helps enhance mood, clear the mind and strengthen connection to source. 

This enchanting oil has been formulated through a synergy of three unique pathways:

  • A psychological effect as the oils are gently released to olfaction.
  • A systemic balancing effect as the oils engage the body’s energetic systems.
  • Physical changes of soft tissues with the combined physiological, energetic and emotional benefits.

Many cultures around the world recognise the power of this healing plant.  In particular, the ability to induce deep tranquility and centredness.  Blue Lotus is a great addition to many healing modalities and meditation practices.


Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Lotus Flower or the Blue Egyptian Lotus, is a water lily in the genus Nymphaea. The two main active substances in Blue Lotus that are responsible for the flower’s various effects are the alkaloids nuciferine and aporphine.

Nuciferine has an enriched pharmacological profile, with affinities for a number of serotonergic and dopaminergic receptors, which support the traditional use as a natural relaxant and sedative. The aroma of this essential oil is also thought to encourage the body the breathe more deeply, supporting healing, meditation, spiritual practices, and elevated consciousness.

Aporphine is an alkaloid with pharmacological effects that have been studied for their ability to favourably reduce anxiety and depression. This is the compound in Blue Lotus that stimulates a happy, uplifted, and euphoric feeling. The aporphine alkaloids bind with dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain, which support the traditional use of this flower for mood enhancing, relaxation and enhancing spiritual awareness.

Blue Lotus - Alchemy Blend

Ingredients: Blue Lotus Absolute (nymphaea caerulea) infused into Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Size: 5ml

Based on the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, this formulation when combined with specific acupoints can amplify the energetic results to encourage harmony and balance within.

A couple of drops is commonly distributed over a 3 to 5 acupoint sequence.

Acupoint application assists healing by engaging the energetic resonance through the body’s network of energy meridians. This technique engages the combined effects of both the energy and information of an essential oil.

Gentle inhalation of essential oils have proven highly effective for treating mental and emotional conditions. Here the specific information contained within the essentials oil formulation is provided to the limbic system.

To produce direct olfaction by inhalation, the essential oil should be inhaled gently and smelt for only one to four cycles of the breath. This may be done directly from a few drops on a tissue, cotton-wool ball, or from a drop placed on the forefinger and thumb held together.

*Before using a new essential oil, it is advisable to perform a skin patch test. If irritation develops, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Like many essential oils, if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, please consult your practitioner before using this product.