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Kinesiology plays a vital role in shaping the lives of others for the better. The work you do truly makes a difference.

Discover a heart-centred and practical approach to growing an authentic business you love..

kinesiology mentoring

Your Hero’s Journey

When it comes to kinesiology, you might wonder: Can I afford to follow my passion? Can I quit my current job? Can I have a career in kinesiology… on the side? Do I know enough to start seeing clients?

If so, you’re not alone.

There’s no doubt you love helping people create positive transformation along with sharing your knowledge, expertise, intuition and unique gifts.

However, your business may currently be in hibernation or hasn’t quite taken off: you’re amazing at what you do but growing your personal brand and adopting innovative business strategies may not be your strong suit. Or perhaps you’ve just hit a plateau with bringing in new clients and need the guidance to reach the next level.

Building a thriving business that works for you, supports the transformation of your clients and provides the income and freedom to live an amazing life is essential to your long term success.

Wherever you are on your professional journey, Damian’s kinesiology mentorship can help you leverage your strengths and express yourself with credibility, confidence, and purpose.

Many of the practitioners Damian works with are amazed at how simple, clear and true their next steps are after a mentoring session.


Amazing Kinesiologists

Damian’s mentoring sessions are extremely informative and relevant to current practicing Kinesiologist’s.  He’s a wealth of knowledge and has an ability to condense many facets of health care, into small sharp pockets of current  and most relevant information.  He’s a conscientious teacher who walks his walk, and is extremely thoughtful and patient. 
Jo Harrison
Kinesiology Care
Damian is a knowledgeable and generous teacher and mentor. Integrating Damian’s protocols into my Kinesiology practice has powerfully transformed the way I work. I highly recommend working with Damian as your mentor.
Amanda Roberts
Return to Source Wellbeing


Your Community Needs You

Maintaining your health under times of disruption and increased stress is essential, not only for your long-term health but also to assist in your capacity to navigate the current state of the world.

In times like this we feel the need for community more than ever. 

It is important that we continue the invaluable service kinesiology provides to the community in this very challenging time. This includes online strategies to help people mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially.


Kinesiology Mentoring


You will have access to the most relevant, first class continuing education opportunities in the field of kinesiology.

Hi, I’m Damian Brown.

I understand how difficult it can be to build a successful business without trading-in your integrity.

You need to evolve into more than a practitioner.

You need to now become a smart and strategic business owner.

I don’t consider myself a marketing guru, my techniques are not secrets, nor are they based on ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

Tips, tactics and information can only get you so far – there is simply no substitute for experience.

You won’t get any hard sells from me, long sales pages or fluffy feel-good self help guides – just my own experiences from more than two decades of clinical practice, teaching and mentoring.

This program is all about helping you get your business model right.

Growing a thriving practice isn’t just about getting more people in the door; it’s about getting the right people there.

I will share with you specific strategies and solutions to get your business moving forward. This includes developing a vision for your business and creating a plan for achieving your practice dreams and goals.

This also includes the systems and tools you need to really understand how kinesiology and energy medicine influence a person’s health and healing. Plus the ability to turn that knowledge into a thriving clinical practice.

This unique step-by-step ‘pathway planner’ introduces you to a kinesiology framework based on twenty years of success in my own clinical practice helping clients shift from illness and trauma to health and happiness.

This powerful system-orientated model of kinesiology will help you uncover root causes that other practitioners have missed, along with the knowledge you need to educate your clients and speak with authority with other practitioners.

My ultimate goal is to get kinesiologists out of ‘survival’ and into sustainability and success.

I love working with committed, passionate, and motivated kinesiologists who care about succeeding in practice and making a difference in their community.

If this is you, I would love to have you in the program.


How it Works…

kinesiology mentoring

Key Focus Areas

  • Develop a vision for your business and create a plan for achieving your practice dreams and goals.
  • Develop efficient systems and procedures within your kinesiology clinic and business.
  • How to identify the hidden profit in your business.
  • Create signature products & programs from your expertise.
  • Focus on your target niche and develop an effective marketing plan.
  • Create a strategic game plan for conversion focused website design, social media, content creation and information products.
  • Personal Q & A sessions to provide solutions for your current problems or challenges.
  • Ongoing support from a mentor with the experience and expertise to help you achieve greater clarity around both your role as a kinesiologist and career direction.
  • Ultimately, create a business from doing what you love.


More Amazing Kinesiologists

kinesiology mentoring

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to get more clients and tranform your business, why not get started with a FREE Strategy Session. This can be a great introduction to help you get clear about what you need, and the best next steps to take.

At the end of this session you’ll have a good idea of how the mentoring program can help you. It is important that you feel my philosophy and mentoring style is a good fit for you, and that we can work well together. From here, you can continue with the program, or you’re welcome to take what you learn and apply it immediately.

When you click the button below, you’ll be taken to our online appointment booking system. Please answer all of the questions on the form. This will help us have a more efficient session and get to as many of your questions as possible.