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Each Yin organ ‘houses’ a particular spiritual aspect of a human being collectively these are referred to as the ‘Five Shen’.

This is also often translated as the ‘Five Spirits’ or vital organ intelligence’s embodied in our heart, liver, lungs, spleen and kidneys.

  • Mind (Shen) – Heart
  • Ethereal Soul (Hun) – Liver
  • Corporeal Soul (Po) – Lungs
  • Intellect (Yi) – Spleen
  • Will-Power (Zhi) – Kidneys

The Shen represents the forces that shape our personality including mental and spiritual aspects. The connection between the Five Shen and the vital organs is a staple of Chinese medicine, and dates to the earliest medical texts of the Yellow Emperor Internal Classic in 215 BCE.

Supporting the Five Shen with Kinesiology

The Five Shen are an example of the ancient Chinese awareness of the unity of the body, mind, and spirit.

It is important to view the Five Shen as five aspects of one Shen (a person).

One of the underlying principles of acupoint selection in applying acupressure is that each point on a channel has a unique effect on the Organ, much like each hole on a flute produces a different note.

It is easy to suggest that it is important to treat the client at the ‘spirit level’, but reaching the level of spirit is not always possible.

This information is essential in developing an appropriate treatment plan.

Often the emotional, psychological, and spiritual condition reveals areas of life that a person needs to understand in order to grow. It is common for a person to act in a way that causes the imbalances to be expressed in their life; this expression may be necessary to bring awareness of the condition.

The awareness provides an opportunity to bring consciousness of the situation and begin a path of change and transformation.

Learning these pathways is the key to understanding how to apply effective corrections in clinical practice.

Ready to learn more?

Five Element BioEergetics II: Spiritual Pathways of Qi brings a vision and understanding of how to assess and treat the roots of an imbalance, whether on a body, mind or spirit level.

A key feature of this course is harmonising the Five Shen (Spiritual Qi) and in turn creating a new and deeper level of integration between the client’s biology, psychology, and spirituality.

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