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Optimising Mitochondrial Function with Kinesiology

A combination of kinesiology, nutrition and lifestyle modulation can significantly reduce the fatigue and other symptoms associated with chronic conditions and naturally restore mitochondrial function, even in cases of long-term chronic fatigue.

MasterClass | Nutrition

Optimising Male Reproductive Health with Kinesiology

One in six Australian couples find it difficult to have a baby. When infertile couples seek assistance, a male factor is identified 50% of the time. In this post we look at important nutrients and kinesiology pathways that can assist in increasing male fertility and sperm count.

Kinesiology Courses | Nutrition

Biochemical Individuality: The Role of Kinesiology & Nutrition

Learn how kinesiology practitioners can best use biochemical individuality, nutrition & kinesiology pathways to shift the body back into a state of balance.

Kinesiology Courses | Nutrition

Functional Layers of the Digestive System

Here’s a sneak peak at the ‘Functional Layers of the Digestive System’ you will learn as part of the Food Allergy, Intolerance & Sensitivity course for Kinesiologists.

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What Would Batman Eat?

Looking for ways to help children to make healthier fast food choices? Encourage your kids to make healthier choices by using the Superhero Tactic!

Kinesiology Courses | Nutrition

Digestive Problems & Common Dietary Interventions

An inside look at common dietary interventions from the Food Allergy, Intolerance & Sensitivity course that influence not only local digestive problems, but many systemic diseases linked to GI dysfunction.