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The Art and Science of Acupoint Selection using Kinesiology (Part I)

In this multi-part series we will delve deeper into the art and science of acupoint selection and how evidence-based protocols can still form a functional part of the ‘best practice’ of a Kinesiologist through a ‘healing partnership’ that includes the art of healing (insight driven) and the science of medicine (evidence driven).

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Kinesiology and the Five Elements

Master the full scope of Five Element Theory and how to apply effective kinesiology corrections in clinical practice for a deeper level of integration between biology, psychology, and spirituality.

Clinical Acupressure | Kinesiology Courses

Physiology of the Fat Cell

The cell biology of adipocytes has led to the discovery of a number of promising concepts and pathways for kinesiology application. These include the discovery of the hormone irisin, capable of reprogramming the body’s fat cells to burn energy instead of storing it.