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We offer kinesiologists a holistic, investigative approach to healthcare focused on evidence-based practice and the art of healing.

This unique and powerful system-orientated model of kinesiology is essential for addressing the healthcare needs of the 21st century.


Our unique approach addresses symptoms by focusing on the underlying cause of the problem, leading to more profound and longer lasting results.


The body is an interconnected system in dynamic relationship with it’s environment and we help you identify the importance of these connections in health and healing.


We believe that individual and personalised care is the best way to achieve optimal health to ensure your clients are empowered with the right information and support.

Damian’s Story

Damian Brown ND, B.Ed is a leading Naturopath and Kinesiologist with a focus on evidence-based practice and the art of healing.

Damian has been practicing, and teaching natural medicine for nearly twenty years with a true gift for pulling clinically relevant information from research. He did his undergraduate work at RMIT University, and has trained with world-renowned healers and educators in a variety disciplines.

In his clinical practice, Damian helps individuals shift from illness and trauma to health and happiness.

This unique blend of kinesiology and natural medicine offers a personalised approach to healthcare that recognises the biological and energetic uniqueness of each individual.

By understanding the core systems of the body, how they are related, and how their function can be restored, many chronic illnesses can be prevented and even reversed.

Through extensive study, research, and formal training in natural medicine, he now shares this knowledge with others through his teaching, mentoring, workshops and clinic consultations.

What Others are Saying…

Learning at Damian’s workshops is effortless as he clearly has a knack for teaching. With so many years of experience in the industry and a gifted practitioner it is just a pleasure to learn from him. I went away with many practical ways about how to apply energy medicine and most importantly how to integrate this knowledge into my Kinesiology sessions. I am now getting better results with my clients. I highly recommended Damian and his workshops. 


Amanda Campbell

Bend Like Bamboo

Kinesiology Concepts is the ultimate hub for any kinesiology practitioner and student who needs to stay on top of their continual learning as a professional practitioner.


Marrs Coiro


Damian’s depth of understanding about the healing arts is matched by his breadth of knowledge about the health industry itself. A true health practitioner in every sense of the word.


Brendan Rohan


Damian is a brilliant teacher, practitioner and healer. What a wonderful experience learning from him. As a Kinesiologist, I received high quality training and would highly recommend other Kinesiologists learn from him too – well organised material, easy to follow and well researched information based in science and a wealth of personal experience. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us.


Michelle Rowland

Naturally Empowered Wellness