Optimising Thyroid Function


Discover the latest kinesiology protocols to support thyroid function and it’s influence on hormones, autoimmune conditions, stress, and metabolism.

Pre-requisite: Optimising Adrenal Function


Supporting normal, healthy thyroid function is an essential element in maintaining optimal health as thyroid dysfunction can affect weight, energy levels, appetite and mood.

Thyroid hormones are highly active in the metabolism and necessary for most bodily functions such as growth, development and maintenance of homeostasis.

The hypothalamic-pituitary thyroid (HPT) axis plays a critical role in mediating changes in metabolism and thermogenesis. Essentially we can think of the thyroid as the drums in the orchestra that is our endocrine system.

The thyroid hormones set the rhythm and the pace for most of our physiological functions.

Disordered thyroid function upsets the whole rhythm of the body.


This MasterClass provides the foundational background, insight, and in-depth clinical thinking to confidently assess and work with clients who present with thyroid imbalances.

You will gain strong foundation from both classroom instruction and practical application, along with being able to confidently apply the course material immediately in your own clinic.

What you will learn:

  • Why subclinical thyroid conditions are a common concern and how restoring HPT axis function can lead to life-changing improvements for clients.
  • An understanding on how the thyroid and adrenal glands work in a delicate balance with one another and why autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s will have some degree of adrenal dysfunction.
  • How to identify and balance the key glands and hormones driving HPT axis dysregulation including TSH, T4, T3 and reverse T3.
  • A systems-based approach that guides you to uncover the root causes of your clients’ symptoms (even the super complex cases).
  • You will also receive real world examples of ‘treatment organisation’ and advanced pathways for your setup and corrections for even greater practice success.

What makes this MasterClass different?

This 1-day MasterClass is the first to offer a complete framework for working directly with the HPT axis. It is a culmination of well over a decade of clinical practice and research to create something from the ground up that will teach kinesiologists how to work with key elements of thyroid function.

Can the MasterClass be taken online?

At present the MasterClass requires you attend the scheduled 1-day program.

Does the MasterClass have pre-requsities?

Yes. Optimising Adrenal Function is a pre-requisite for this MasterClass.

Does the MasterClass use specific test kits?

Yes. We highly recommend purchasing our custom NeuroEndocrine and Micronutrients & Metabolism test kits both available to purchase during the class.

What method of payment do you accept?

The preferred method of enrolment and payment is via the secure online registration process. Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard and bank deposit. When paying via bank deposit you will be emailed an invoice for which full payment is required to secure your place in the selected course.